Monday, October 11, 2010


   The harvest goes on.  For a machine that is used basically 2 months of the year, the combine is sure expensive!  They can do both soybeans and corn by switching the "head".  These pictures show the bean head.  Wayne had just finished combining all the beans that they could get.  They'll have to go back and try and get the flooded areas later.  When I took him his supper Saturday night, our grandson Bryce's girlfriend  (Irene) was riding with him.  He enjoys having company.  I sometimes wonder if it gets boring going back and forth in the field, and then I think about the repetition of sewing. Maybe it's the goal that keeps us going. 
  Sunday was a relaxing day for me - Sunday school and church, dinner (thank you freezer!), nap, a walk, some hand work and a good book!  If you haven't read any of Karen Kingsbury books, I highly recommend them.  She is by far my favorite author.   Jolyn

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  1. We went for a nice fall walk around the lake friday night & felt just a twinge of guilt knowing as we enjoyed our walk... for some people fall means alot of hard work.