Friday, October 8, 2010


   Grandkids are such a joy to us.  We have 11 with 9 of them being boys.  Football, soccor, cross country, baseball, track, basketball, music - it is really fun to see them participate. The top picture is Tyler and Wayne before an Augsburg game.  I did learn the difference between college level and grade school level football.  The college boys don't cry when they get hurt.  
  The second picture is Taylor and myself. (Notice we have a Tyler, Taylor and also a Tanner)  When did these grandkids get taller than us?  Seems like over night.  He is quarterback for the Blue Earth Area JV. 
  The bottom picture of myself and Brandon  from last night's 7th grade game at Mapleton.  He made 2 touchdowns in the previous two games.
  On the way home from the game I told our daughter-in-law, Suzanne that tomorrow I get to stay home all day!  What a treat!  By 8 this morning I was on my home from Kiester having picked up filters for the guys.  Finished my breakfast and Wayne had me run to Blue Earth which ended up in 4 different stops.  (You know--"as long as you're in town you might as well get....")  I'm glad I can help in this way as I don't work in the field any more.
  Thankfully before I hit the road I stuck some chicken breasts in the crock pot and they're calling to me.  We'll have hot chicken on a bun, then chicken salad sandwiches and the rest will be frozen for future use.

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