Saturday, October 2, 2010

Last Year's Harvest

 Yesterday our security system wouldn't let me enter my own blog!  How inconsiderate! 
  Fall is probably my favorite time of year.  It signals the start of harvest and a very busy season here on the farm.   Last year was not my favorite fall.  October gave us a couple of days of harvest weather and then day after day of rain.  Soybeans need the right kind of conditions to be able to combine them and we couldn't get more than a day or two a week.  The latest we had ever finished in the beans was October 21.   Last year they were still working on them in November when the weather finally turned. Usually November is cold and unpredictable, but thankfully this one turned out to be the nicest in years.   Because of the lateness, the guys put in long, long hours and instead of hauling one meal a day to the fields, I hauled every meal so they could keep at it.  
  This picture is of my 3 guys last fall.  Our oldest son (on the right) had come down from the Moorhead area to help out for a week and we took this picture out in the field one day.  It has become one of my favorites!  Love these guys!!!     Jolyn

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