Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Time for Quilts

 First of all, Brandon was driving the grain cart (not auger).  I knew that ...but I just can't think of a good excuse why I forgot it.   (Did you know if you "click" on the picture you can get an enlargement and see each picture close up!!--I'm learning.....slowly!)
  Some more quilts from the DesMoines show with more traditional blocks.  I wish I could read the information on the yellow paper  so I could give the quilters credit.... I love how they add the applique in the outer border to spice up the blocks. 

This is made of equilateral triangles.  Love using them, but this must have sewn a zillion of them.  I like the effect of making a large diamond using all the same fabrics.  Really a crisp looking quilt. Not sure I'm ready to make one like it. I always get carried away cutting out fabric and would end up with enough for two quilts! And what would I do with two of them?

I'm not sure if this is a new or old quilt.  But I do like that they didn't use all the same background fabric.  Makes it more interesting.  

I think this large wall hanging is on my list of "To Do".  Again a touch of applique surrounded by a traditional block set on point.  I think the pattern I have of this one shows it in Civil War Reproduction fabrics of all browns and pinks.  


  1. Hi Jolyn-
    Did you know the pink quilt with the stars(third one from the top) is actually featured in a book that looks like a magazine. I can't remember what it's called, but I know it just came out a couple weeks ago and they have it at the Hutch. It's in with the magazines and I think It's all "old" quilts that people took patterns from. I bought a copy for me and one for mom. If I remember correctly, it's a Darlene Zimmerman pattern. It's on my "to make" list.
    Stay warm and dry!
    Katie Zenk

  2. thanks - I think I have the magazine now that you mention it! Love your blog!!