Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Farm Help

   Well, this should be interesting...I downloaded 4 pictures and only 2 are showing up.  We'll see.  If you see 4, the first is our meal yesterday.  Always a challenge to think of something different to serve each meal.  I like to make enough so we can have leftovers for another time.  Often, food is better the second time around anyway.  The scenery picture is facing east just as the sun is coming up.  Can see some water still standing from our torrential September rain.
  The last two pictures are of our city farmer, Tim.  He came down last spring and helped work up ground and took time off this week to run the field cultivator.  There are supposed to be 2 pictures.???  It's such a blessing to have the extra help.  Today Charles, Wayne's younger brother, is helping haul corn. They are still able to just dump the corn in the bins without running it through the dryer.  Other years they would dump the corn in the dryer until it was full and then would have to wait for it to dry and then empty.  So much time is being saved this year.   Jolyn

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