Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday on the Farm

 Just a couple of quilts around the house.  Can't remember the designer for the top one, but I think I made 3 of these.  Have taught the Feathered Star a number of times using Marti Michell's templates.  Accuracy in cutting is the first requirement.  For the half square triangles, I cut them about 1/4" bigger and then square them up.  Makes it work! 

   The second one is made sewing two strips together - in this case a parchment and a 30's print.  I then cut them with an equilateral triangle ruler.  This was actually leftovers from another baby quilt which is in hiding.  I can't find it, but then maybe I gave it away.  
  Today the weather is to reach into the 90's.  This is Minnesota - this doesn't happen. We (and the bugs) are enjoying it!  The guys finished in the beans, or at least as much as they could get out.  The last field had lots of water and mud holes from the rains.  Hopefully they can get it out later.  Now on to manure hauling for a while.  Liquid gold!    Jolyn

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