Monday, October 25, 2010

Everybody helps!!

 Our church has a ministry we call the "casserole ministry".  We try to line up meals for members who have been hospitalized or are in need. (sorry -- colds don't count) I had volunteered to take a meal today  to a young Mom (and family) who had just had surgery.  I like to take 4 things --hot dish (yah, you betcha --this is Minnesota), a salad, homemade bread and a sweet.  They live about 18 miles from us, so on the way home I swung by where Wayne and Shawn were working.  Someone was running the grain auger and I wondered who that 3rd man was.  Turns out -- it was Brandon.  He had just grabbed something to eat in the first picture and Wayne was laughing at his stuffed cheeks (Shawn was imitating Brandon)
 This picture, Wayne was just going to hold Brandon's cheeks in.

  And this picture is of Brandon on the tractor he was driving (with his mouth still full!)  

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