Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Birthday Boy

   Ah, today is Shawn's birthday -- but we celebrated Sunday!  As I have promised to not "try" to embarrass my kids, we won't go into age.  Don't know why -- they're all younger than me!  Including Wayne! 
   Bryce was home from college (center) to join brothers, Taylor(left) and Brandon (???right).  They all  helped in the fields and hog barns. 

  Had to get a picture of the yummy lasagna, garlic bread and fruit salad that Suzanne fixed.  
  Other birthdays this month include Brett (Jill's husband), Wayne and Our oldest son (Kelsey).  

  Weather in southern Minnesota continues to be cold and damp.  Talk of snow further north... not ready for that!  The guys hope to get out in the field again tomorrow.  Tonight they're loading 3 semi loads of hogs.  Next week they will start filling barns with little pigs.  Makes for an even busier harvest time.

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