Monday, October 4, 2010

Sunshine for Sunday

   Sunday was another beautiful day!  We spent the morning at church and the afternoon relaxing and enjoying the sunny weather.  In spite of giving kittens away and transplanting some to the barns, we still have an ample supply.  These three were born between the north and south nurseries and like sleeping on paper bags - Wayne's tried other things, but they prefer this.  Trooper, our dog, is waiting for Wayne to get Sammy saddled up for a ride.  I wish you could see him in action.  He goes nutty - whining and howling and talking and jumping and rolling. For the first few minutes he has to jump up at the horse - don't understand dog language at all - what he is trying to get across, but the horse just ignores him.  He always comes back from the ride with his tongue hanging half way to the ground.   Jolyn

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