Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall Pros and Cons

  There are so many things I really love about the fall season.  The beautiful trees and even the individual leaves.  I always think it's kind of sad that we can't save them all!  I love seeing pumpkins in garden patches, corn being harvested, and the lawn finally stop growing.  Hearing the dried leaves crunch under foot and buying fresh apples off the tree.  I never miss the summer's high humidity.  A person feels like baking and sweatshirts help hide the results.
  But there are a few things I don't like about fall...  The bottom 2 pictures are 2 of them.  Black walnuts.  They're dirty, turn ankles and make lawn mowing turn into missiles!  (The resident squirrels wouldn't agree with me on disliking them.)
  You have to look pretty close on the second picture to figure out what it is -- look close -- see any Asian beetles or boxelder bugs?  ugh!!  go away!! They seem to be everywhere.  But soon we'll have a hard frost and even they slow down although some always seem to sneak out come winter.

  I missed a perfect photo yesterday.  I had come home with a load of groceries and parked outside by the sewing room door to unload.  Sammy, our horse, was up by the house on his lead rope and halter.  We put that on him so he can mow the lawn.  But he is like a great big friendly dog.  well- more like a huge over-friendly dog.  He would come up behind me as I tried to grab bags to carry in and he would rub his head on my back.  And he is no little pony.  I had to shut the van door each time I carried loads inside as I was afraid he would start sorting the groceries left in the van.  Then I made the mistake of giving him his favorite treat - a peppermint.  I think he would have followed me in the house if I hadn't shut the door in his face.  But here's the picture I missed as my camera was in the van, Sammy peeked in the window in the kitchen as if to say - what cha doing?  Then he went to the sewing room window and did the same thing.  It looked so funny!  But - no camera.  Next time.

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